In this article and in the video down below, I’m going to share why I went with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I’ll be coming at this from the standpoint of a photographer, a video creator and a father of young kids.

Wide lens

Before the iPhone 12 Pro Max, whenever I used my iPhone X to record video, I would put on my Moment 18mm lens. The quality of that lens is incredible. But it does add more bulk and weight to the phone. When hand-holding, the added weight didn’t matter so much. But when using it on a Gimbal it meant having to use counterweights for balance.

This brings me to the first reason I am using the 12 Pro Max. The new wide lens is incredible and means I no longer need the 18mm lens attachment to get the same view.

Of course, the smaller iPhone 12 Pro also has a wide lens.


Next up is stability. The iPhone’s image stabilization has been fantastic and only getting better with every new update. But the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the first iPhone with a sensor-shift for added stability.

To top that off, the sensor is even slightly larger than the smaller iPhone counterparts. Sure, it won’t make a huge difference, but the combination of a larger sensor and the sensor shifting was a win in my book.

The screen

The last reason I went with the 12 Pro Max over the 12 Pro is the size of the screen.

You see, for years I have disliked the screens getting larger. I felt like it would be uncomfortable in my pocket. With the 12 Pro Max, I definitely feel it more when it’s in my pocket. However, it’s not terrible.

But here is the thing. I’m a father with two young kids. Both of which still want my wife and me to sit in their rooms while they fall asleep. So we do.

My daughter, who is doing virtual school due to the pandemic, now has my iPad. Which means I am iPad-less. This means reading eBooks on my older iPhone X meant making the fonts so large a few sentences fit on a page, or squinting a bit or bringing the phone very close to my eyes.

Now with the 6.7-inch screen, I can hold the device like a regular book (it’s almost the same size as a physical soft book). I no longer squint or keep it too close to my face, and no longer make the font sizes too large.

So now reading while putting my kids to sleep is a much nicer experience.


As a huge bonus, I’m very excited about the MagSafe system Apple put into the iPhone 12 lineup. I’m even more excited to see what third-party accessories come out for it. Moment already has a bunch of incredible products available for pre-release.