I’m going to try to tone this down a little bit, as I’ve willingly participated in absolutely ridiculous and brainless conversations regarding the iPhone 7 with people. Everything from conspiracy theories like, planned obsolescence, to thoughts like “my life as a professional photographer is now doomed” have been made known to me.

C’mon people. Really? I don’t think anything has been as dramatic in politics, recent news, The Bachelor and other random TV shows lately… except for this…

Let’s not forget about people freakin out about ditching headphone jack, saying nonsense like, “I can no longer use my $800 <insert obscure name brand vintage company> that has <insert feature that specifically and namely is noise-cancelling here> that I bought 10 years ago!” Holy crap, people!

I had a thread of conversation that just blew my mind recently about headphone jacks and possible sales that are lost, as if the person really cares about Apple’s sales… I mean just read it for yourself, I can’t make this stuff up.


Seriously people, the fact is, the iPhone 7 is a phone. Apple already achieved their vision of making the phone an extension of the body and mind, and they continue to look forward. Apple has challenged the norm again by omitting the headphone jack — which I think is a great move.

Side note: Serial ports, floppy drives, and optical drives are all things that Apple was the first to ditch. I personally envision a world full of greater wireless functionality and increased adaptation and utilization of amazing technology available to the masses, and this very well may be the start of it. By getting rid of the 100 year old piece of analog connectivity, that was something I thought was well overdue, and introducing innovative technology to enhance the everyday quality of snapshots, people have been targeting Apple. Targeting, out of FEAR.

FEAR. Seriously. That’s all I read now when people get pissed off about something like a headphone jack or the dual cameras. Fear to learn something new. Fear to progress. Fear of competition. Fear of the unknown and being left without support. Really, it is the people who refuse to adapt and explore the new interfaces and experiences of software and hardware that ultimately isolate themselves due to old and outdated hardware.

I get it. it can be expensive (Fear of being freakin poor by adopting all of the new technology–thats my real fear). But if it isn’t broken why fix or change it, right? Well those things work and may continue to work, but continue at your own risk of being left behind with frustration. This is the world of technology, use it to your advantage and keep your edge. The iPhone 7 and the minor changes it bring to the world may better you and your business in the future if you play your cards right.


Apple has upped the game and brought better photography capabilities to portable devices. People who are afraid of the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual lens capabilities and option to capture RAW data, are the same people who are afraid of the possibility of Skynet from Terminator 2 becoming reality. It really isn’t a big threat.

I’m sure the latest from Apple will take wonderful pictures and will take mobile photography to the next level. In fact, it may take the whole world to the next level. Introduction of the iPhone SE and its affordable camera brought forth a great mobile camera that could help reduce the amount of poor quality images on the net. The iPhone 7 Plus’s dual cameras will just become the tool of choice for people to take even better pictures of the food they eat, the clubs they go to, the pets they own and the random and goofy events that the masses have been now accustomed to shooting –but now with bokeh!! We can all use a little more bokeh in our lives. That smooth buttery background should be made available to all. Heck, hopefully this will increase the quality of photos that most of us find on our social media feeds.

The professionals will still be able to do their jobs. While several professional photographers used the iPhone 7 Plus for Apple’s photo campaign, and gave positive feedback, I highly doubt that they have replaced their DSLR’s with their iPhones as their main workhorse camera. Chances are that they’re probably going to use the iPhone 7 for their personal lives, much like everyone else out there.

As just a happy guy in general, I’m under the mentality that sharing is caring and that we pick and choose what makes us angry. I’m actually happy for those who are going to improve their photography with the widespread use of the depth of field options from the dual lenses. I’m happy and I actually hope that people with the new iPhone 7 Plus will challenge the professional photographers. This could really help separate the amateurs from the pros– if you haven’t noticed, the pros aren’t sweating about the launch of the iPhone 7 Plus at all.

The best bet is to change your mentality if you’ve got FEAR about the new stuff.

This industry is changing whether you’re scared about it or not. You might as well be happy about the changes.