One of the key functions of Adobe Bridge is renaming your digital media. This can come in handy with digital camera files because they are likely named with a combination of letters and a progressive numbering system.Eventually these names and numbers repeat themsleves. Fortunately, Bridge makes it easy to rename several files at one time: This process is called a batch.

The Batch command is a useful way to improve the organization of your files:

  1. If it’s not running already, launch Adobe Bridge.
  2. Navigate to a folder containing several images you want to rename.bridge1
  3. Press Command+A (Ctrl+A) to select all the files in the folder.
  4. Choose Tools > Batch Rename. A new dialog opens.
  5. You must specify a destination for the renamed files. You can choose to keep them in their current folder, move them to another folder, or copy them to another destination.
  6. Specify New Filenames using a combination of menus and a text field. You can add a custom name and even a sequential number to ensure unique file names. Check the Preview of the new filename for accuracy.bridge2
  7. Make sure the box next to Preserve current filename in XMP Metadata is selected so you can always reference the original filenames.
  8. Specify that you want the files to be compatible in Mac and Windows.
  9. When ready, click the Rename button to complete the batch rename.