Adobe Bridge

Simple Triptych in Photoshop

A triptych is three images that share a common theme displayed as a single piece. In this video I’ll be making the simplest form of this by displaying three images

Workflow Options In Adobe Camera Raw

There are times when, at the very outset of editing, you’ll know the dimensions of the image you want to create. In this post we’ll take a look at the

Batch Rename Images Using Adobe Bridge

Naming your images on import is good practice but theres times when youd like to rename a batch of images after import, maybe youve whittled down the images and would

Adobe Bridge Review Mode

Theres plenty to shout about with Adobe Lightroom and if you take a lot of images it really is the way to go. For some, especially those thatve been using

Get Organized Before You Edit Your Video

Are you interested in video? Welcome to our series on how to edit video using Adobe Photoshop. In this second episode, you’ll learn how to use Adobe Bridge to browse

88 Secrets of Photoshop — Mini Bridge

Inside of Photoshop you’ll find an extension called Mini Bridge. This essentially gives you the most useful tools of Bridge within Photoshop. This useful panel helps you with tasks related