Creative Cloud has a plethora of added extras and there maybe one or two you miss, or forget from time to time. Adobe Market is one of those I forget, then when I need it turn my head to the skies and thank whoever dreamed it up.

Where You’ll Find It

I’m using a Mac here so I’ll find the CC logo at the top of the screen, if you’re on a PC then it’ll be down the bottom right.


You may have visited this before to update your applications or look for fonts.

What You’ll Find In Adobe Market

Looking at the Market can sometimes be a little disappointing, depending on your creative focus, but a quick search can soon reveal the treasures within!

For example;


Effortless Synchronising and Workflow

Here’s an example of how I use Market. In this we’ll see how easy it is to find and use a custom brush for use in Photoshop.

For this demonstration I’m using an image from Fotolia of a Pink rose.


What I’d like to do is get a spatter effect.

Typing Splatter in the search gives me some great effects straight off the bat;


Scrolling down I find a nice brush called Splatter Watercolor 4. Taking the mouse over this reveals the Download to CC Icon;

Clicking on the icon reveals a dropdown menu of all the CC Libraries I currently have, including one for Brushes. If I wanted I could create a new Library here, but I’ll pop it in Brushes;


In a couple of seconds (depending on internet connection) I get confirmation that the brush has been added;


Opening my Library I can confirm that indeed, its been added to the Brushes Library;


Use The Brush Asset

No need to install a new Brush set. Just click on the brush in the Library and it becomes the active brush!

I’ve used the brush on a black mask to reveal the image of the rose;