Adobe has released updates for Lightroom. Versions 6.6 and 2015.6 are now available. Open Lightroom, go to the Help Menu at the top, and choose “Updates…” to initiate your download. If you’re using Creative Cloud, you should do this, too, which will force your Creative Cloud app to make the updates available.

What’s New for 6.6 and 2015.6?

I’m excited because this update makes RAW files from Lumix’s brand new GX85 (aka GX80 and GX7mk2) readable by Lightroom. There are a few other cameras now supported, as well, and tons of new lenses added to the Lens Correction tab.

Panoramas can now be stitched from smart previews, which is cool because you don’t have to carry your full-size files when you travel.

More Pentax cameras now have support for camera profiles. This is great for Pentax shooters, but it makes me a little grumpy because my Lumix cameras are STILL not supported. This allows your RAW files to look just like they did on the back of the camera with a single click including all the presets like Landscape, Portrait, Neutral, etc. I use this option on every picture, and I really want it for Lumix cameras.

So, it’s a normal update for Lr 6.6.

What’s New for 2015.6?

In addition to all the above updates, Creative Cloud subscribers also get an entirely new tab in the Develop Module. Transform is here!

This is an expansion of the Upright tool previously included in the Lens Corrections tab. You now have control over the Vertical and Horizontal corrections that reduce the effect of pointing your camera upward to photograph something taller than you or at an angle from your perspective. This video with Julieanne Kost demonstrates the tools. They’re really intuitive, and you’ll see how it easy they are to use. The Lens Correction tab is now simplified for lens profiles and chromatic aberration.

What’s NOT Listed is Amazing

The complete list of updates is right here, but there’s something not listed that you’re going to love, and my friend Bryan Esler pointed it out to me. I’m using the Creative Cloud version, so I don’t know if this is true for Lr 6.6, but it is faster. Much faster. It’s rendering previews a whole lot more quickly than ever before. Not only that, but it seems to be rendering previews for the next few pictures in line as well, so those load lightning quick. This is a pleasant surprise. My computer is nearly four years old, so anything that makes my work faster without buying a new computer is appreciated.

Go download the update, and please let me know in the comments if you notice the speed increase for Lr 6.6.