As a part of its annual Adobe MAX Conference, Adobe gave a sneak peek to attendees on Tuesday, of upcoming technologies they’re working on. These might or might not make it into future versions of Adobe applications, depending on a variety of factors.

The event was co-hosted by comedian John Mulaney and Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist Paul Trani. Together with Adobe engineers, 10 “Sneaks” were unveiled. Below are some of our favorites for photographers and videographers.


We’ve all been there before — when you are taking group photos, you usually have to leave someone out. You take turns taking photos, whether you’re at a party or on vacation.

Project All In solves all this, and eliminates the need for a tripod and timer. The technology has you take two photos so everyone is included, and then blends them together. It automatically identifies and adds missing people, so no one gets left out.


Perfect for videographers working with audio recordings, Project Sound Sneak lets you easily find specific sounds that occur multiple times. You can just select a target sound, and then have the technology find the rest, so you can delete as necessary.


Project Go Figure makes it easy to track people as they produce videos. It uses a combination of tracking using skeletons and contours, enabling smooth and accurate tracking even in a crowded scene. This one was pretty cool to see — for video editors, the possibilities here are definitely exciting!


Have you ever captured a photograph without perfect lighting? We all have. Project Light Right helps relight both outdoor videos and still photographs with 3D scene geometry.

Powered by Adobe Sensei, this is great when it comes to large-scale outdoor scenes, where controlling the lighting is near impossible. All of a sudden you can turn that dull photograph from your recent travels into a well-lit masterpiece!

To check out all the other technologies highlighted during Adobe Sneaks, check out the Adobe Blog.

While these technologies were shown off, there’s no guarantee we’ll see them in future versions of Adobe products. Adobe bases part of its decision to further develop these technologies based on audience reaction, social media reaction and more. So if you like any of these sneaks, use the hashtags above, and be sure to comment below!

Lead photo courtesy of Adobe