There’s a great ‘magic’ button in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw that analyses your image and suggests how it can be put upright or squared off. This has only been around for a short while and is very processor heavy, so imagine my surprise when I see it in Adobe’s mobile app, Photoshop Mix.

Simple Composites

Photoshop Mix is advertised as a composite app, and for putting a couple of layers together it work really well. But hidden away in the More Edits menu (iPad only) are three very powerful features; Upright, Shake Reduction and Content Aware Fill.

Each can be quite useful.

  • Upright Fix perspective issues or crooked images.
  • Shake Reduction Reduce the slight blue caused by handheld shooting.
  • Content Aware Fill Remove a distracting object or blemish from a shot.


Processor Heavy

These three filters are very processor heavy, so how doe Photoshop Mix overcome this? When you choose to use Upright Photoshop Mix lets you know that it is ‘Uploading Asset and then ‘Rendering Upright’

Using The Power of The Creative Cloud

What’s happening here is, in my humble opinion, genius. Adobe have the technology and have it running on a remote server, access to which you have with your Creative Cloud membership. a representation of the image is sent to the CC and is analysed. Details on how to straighten the image are sent back to Photoshop Mix and displayed.

Wait…. There’s More!

What is more incredible is that Photoshop Mix doesn’t just straighten the image, but gives you three options to choose from, each a little different from the others.


Here I’ve tapped image #1. As you can see it has done a great job of straightening my image.

Crop, Non Destructively.

Once I’ve clicked the tick I’m back at the main menu where I can use the Crop tool. This crops nondestructively and can be altered later should I wish.


Save It

Once you’re happy with your edits tap the square with an arrow coming from it. This allows you to save to various places, including Photoshop. Saving here will add the image to your Creative Cloud account in a folder called Photoshop. It will also save it as a layered PSD.


Meanwhile…. Back At The Desk…..


With the non destructive crop!