This morning, Adobe released several updates to its Creative Cloud apps, including Photoshop on the iPad. The two big features are things that should help iPad users quite a bit — the addition of Curves as well as pressure sensitivity when using the Apple Pencil.


The addition of Curves to the iPad makes it possible to make specific adjustments to the color and tone of your image — things like contrast, exposure, saturation, highlights, shadows and color balance — in a non-destructive way.

The first version of Curves on the iPad includes adjustments of tonal curves for all channels, multi-node selections and some new affordances to enable the app to recognize when you want to tap and drag a node versus selecting it.

Things like numeric inputs and eyedropper tools will ship in a future release.

You can learn more about using Curves on the iPad on Adobe’s website.

Pressure sensitivity

Adobe has also added the ability to change pressure sensitivity of an Apple Pencil for more precise brushing, cloning and other effects when using brush-based tools. At the lightest end of the range you get greater pressure values applied with less force, while the highest end of the range gives you greater force to achieve maximum pressure.

For more information on pressure sensitivity, visit Adobe’s website.