Your chance to pre-order Aurora HDR 2019 is almost up. The software is scheduled to ship on October 4, 2018, to those who’ve placed an advanced order. As a big thank you for supporting our site, we’ve got a collection of goodies.

If you place an order and fill out this form, we’ll send you a bunch of free stuff.

A texture pack with 22 high-res textures

Try adding these as a layer and use blending modes for all new looks.

These are perfect to unlock a whole new look in your HDR image.

A bundle of 25 creative LUTs

Use with the new LUT Mapping effect for creative color. Be sure to adjust the Strength setting.

Many options to change the look and feel of a photo instantly!

Inspiration by Photofocus looks pack

Original looks (presets) for use with Aurora HDR 2019.

Updated for Aurora 2019, these give you creative options in just one click!


A detailed deep dive video (nearly 2 hours long)

A complete video training course to help you master Aurora HDR 2019.  

  • 0.0 Introduction
  • 1.0 Loading Images Directly into Aurora HDR
    • 1.1 Opening a Single Image from a Folder
    • 1.2 Opening Bracketed Photos from a Folder
  • 2.0  Using Aurora HDR as a Plugin
    • 2.1 Installing Aurora as a Plugin
    • 2.2 Loading Images from Lightroom Classic
    • 2.3 Using Aurora HDR as a Plugin – Photoshop
    • 2.4 Using Aurora HDR as an Extension – Photos for Mac
  • 3.0 Preprocessing Images with Aurora HDR
    • 3.1 Aligning Source Images
    • 3.2 Removing Ghost Images with Deghosting
    • 3.3 Reducing Chromatic Aberration & Cloning
  • 4.0 Developing Your HDR Files with Filters
    • 4.1 Developing the Essentials with HDR Basic Filter, Cropping, and Lens Correction
    • 4.2 Enhancing Color with the Color, Color Toning & HSL Filters
    • 4.3 Adding Details with the HDR Enhance and HDR Details Boost Filters
    • 4.4 Removing Noise from an HDR Image with the HDR Denoise Filter
    • 4.5 Improving Presence with the Image Radiance Filter
    • 4.6 Enhancing Skies with the Adjustable Gradient and the Polarizing Filters
    • 4.7 Refining Exposure with the Tone Curve and Dodge & Burn Filters
    • 4.8 Stylizing the Image with the LUT Mapping, Glow and Vignette Filters
  • 5.0 Advanced Editing Strategies
    • 5.1 Fixing Lens Issues
    • 5.2 Fixing Perspective Issues
    • 5.3 Blending an Original Image
    • 5.4 Working with Adjustment Layers and Layer Masks
    • 5.5 Cropping for Export
  • 6.0 Saving and Exporting Files
    • 6.1 Saving a Native File
    • 6.2 Exporting Files
    • 6.3 Sharing with System and Social Services
    • 6.4 Batch Processing Files
  • 7.0 Next Steps

Hands-on exercise files to practice

Download a collection of images to follow along in the video course. These are for practice only.