Being in Michigan, I’ve encountered my fair share of cold winter days. But as a photographer, I do my best to take advantage of those days, going out to photograph icy and snowy landscapes across my home state.

But traditional gloves won’t cut it. They get in the way, and don’t offer you a way to reliably click the small buttons on cameras, or to turn dials. That’s when photography gloves come in so handy.

I recently had a chance to test out Vallerret’s new Hatchet gloves (US | EU), and to date, they are the best gloves I have tested. They kept me warm for several hours through windy, cold winter temperatures.

Editor’s note: Vallerret sent us a pair of the Hatchet gloves to review and keep. However, this is an independent review. All thoughts about this product are our own. We have not been influenced in any way. We tell you this as we always want to be transparent with you.

Hatchet gloves are the real deal

Photo by Kris Kinsey

I’ve used Vallerret gloves in the past — I purchased a set of their Markhof Pro V2 gloves (US | EU) a few years back. These have been great, especially during winter days that aren’t quite as cold.

Each winter, I photograph what we call the “World of Winter,” a series of events put on by our local downtown development authority. What started as a two-week event now spans over eight weeks to bring people outdoors to experience interactive art installations, winter-centric games, music and more.

For those of you who might live in Florida, you probably think we’re crazy. But these events are some of the most fun I’ve had as a Michigan resident. You forget all about the cold, despite the fact that it might only be 10° F.

The Markhof Pro gloves have served me well, especially for shorter events or for those days that weren’t quite as cold. But I was looking for something a bit more heavy-duty, and that’s when I first saw the new Hatchet gloves. These take everything I love about the Markhof Pros and amplifies them into a leather exterior, Merino Wool interior glove that keeps me warm for several hours at a time.


  • Super warm and comfortable, can wear up for several hours at a time
  • Magnets on finger caps stronger than other gloves I’ve tested
  • Leather is high-quality


  • Finger holes are just a bit tight

Technical specifications

All of the technical specifications for Vallerret Hatchet Gloves are from the product listing on the Vallerret website:

  • 100% Merino Wool inner
  • Overlapping FlipTech finger caps with magnets
  • DWR Genuine Goats leather
  • Primaloft Gold Insulation (170gsm/133gsm grip)
  • True Suede lens wipe
  • Pre-Curved Glove Design
  • Stretchy Jersey cuff

Perfect for deep winter — Vallerret Hatchet gloves

I tested out the Hatchet Gloves in various situations, everything from warm-weather winter days to days where it was snowing non-stop, windy and cold for several hours. The Hatchets consistently kept me warm for several hours at a time.

For me, that’s a big deal. I was a cross country skier in high school, and regularly had issues with my hands getting cold. I made the switch to lobster gloves at the time, which are still my go-to for winter sports. But they aren’t exactly realistic when you’re trying to snap photos with a camera. The Hatchet gloves are the closest thing I’ve had to my lobster gloves in terms of long-term warmth.

The other thing I love is that the leather exterior means I can pick up snow and brush it off without my gloves staying wet.

It’s incredibly easy to snap back the index finger and thumb caps. Compared to my Markhof Pro V2 gloves, I found the magnets used to be a bit stronger. The only thing I’d like to see here is that the holes for the index finger and thumb to be a bit larger. They’re smaller compared to my Markhof Pro gloves, and sometimes it’s a challenge to get your thumb out. I’d imagine over time these will expand slightly though, so this is anything but a deal breaker.

One thing that did surprise me — I didn’t find myself getting too warm with the gloves on. My hands weren’t sweating, for instance, like I’d expect with a heavy-duty glove. Instead, my hands seemed to be at a normal temperature, even when wearing them indoors for a period. It seems that with the Merino Wool material used, it offers the perfect combination of comfort and warmth no matter the environment you’re in.

Don’t miss out on great photos because of cold winter weather!

Having reliable photography gloves are key to having a great winter as a photographer. Over the years I’ve enjoyed using the Markhof Pro V2 gloves, and I can’t wait to put the Hatchet gloves to the test even more! Paired with my shoe spikes, I’ll be able to enjoy everything that winter has to offer, and then some!