Want to learn some new skills? We’ve got you covered with great options from top experts. This is your chance to brush up on new skills. Learn from some of the top photo and video experts on the planet.

Here are six new classes that are just released on ThinkTAP Learn. Three of these are by Photofocus authors.

Running a Photography Business: The Basics

Have you ever considered going out and becoming a freelance photographer? This class is the first in a series about getting started as a professional photographer. Here, instructor Skip Cohen will help you to develop a business plan, starting with the right skill set to match the photo specialty being targeted.

Photography Sports Portraits Essentials

In this course, instructor Robert Vanelli will teach you how to light, shoot and edit sports portraits. He will show you how to use grids and strip boxes to produce harsh style lighting for an edgy effect. He will also explain how stylizing the shoot with gear and a team uniform is the key to a successful shot.

Start Printing Your Photos

The key to making great prints is controlling the color that gets sent to the printer. It starts with monitor calibration, moves through post-production then application of a profile that translates what the camera captured into colors the printer can reproduce. In this class, instructor Kevin Ames explains each step of the process.

Multi-platform Video Producing

In this course, instructor Amy DeLouise helps video producers who find they need to deliver video content to multiple platforms simultaneously. It will help them make the right decisions before shooting to reach the broadest audience. Additional steps can also be taken during production to increase your reach and maximize future opportunities.

Lighting Techniques for Video Interviews

In this course, you will learn how to take your video interviews to the next level using proven, effective and affordable methods. Instructor Kevin Bradley will take the viewer through the basic differences of lighting with LED instruments, the pros and cons of using LED lights as well as other classic lighting technology.

Photography Fundamentals

Are you a beginner or intermediate photographer? Do you want to learn more about using your camera as well as core photographic concepts like composition and exposure?

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