Using a sunshade might seem like extra trouble and hassle, but I find there are definite advantages to using one, especially when they work properly. Check it out the article below and see if one might help you with your drone projects.

Why Do I Use a Sunshade?

For me, the bottom line is that it helps me see the tablet or smartphone screen more clearly and easily. That translates into better videos and photographs because I can see what is in focus and out of focus and what’s in the frame. This clearer view of the screen also lets me see what is going on with the drone in the application and respond more quickly if there are problems.

What Should a Sunshade Do?

  1. Reduce glare on the tablet or smartphone screen and make it easier to see.
  2. Fast to setup.
  3. Fast to attach and remove.
  4. Stays in place and is easy to reposition as needed.
  5. t should be built so the sides and back are tall enough to shade the tablet or smartphone screen.
  6. It should be built so the sides and back don’t collapse during use.
  7. It should be well ventilated so they don’t contribute to the tablet or smartphone overheating. This is especially important on those hot days.
  8. It should allow easy access to the on/off button, speaker volume, and connector ports.

Why Don’t Most Sunshades Work Well?

My experience has been that most sunshades I have tried have the following problems.

  1. They are flimsy and can collapse during use.
  2. They don’t do a good job blocking the bright light. The back and sides aren’t tall enough to really block out the bright light.
  3. They don’t hold the tablet or smartphone securely.
  4. They make getting to the volume, on/off button, and connection ports difficult.
  5. They don’t have adequate ventilation.
  6. They take too much time to set up.
  7. They make changing settings on the screen difficult to access and change.
  8. Because of how they connect to the DJI Remote Controller, the sunshade can slip and move as I move around with the remote during video shoots and photography shoots. This isn’t the sunshades fault, but the way DJI attaches the tablet or smartphone to the remote controller. Only one solution (see below) address this with a way to connect the sunshade to the remote using a rosette.

Which Sunshade do I use?

After using a number of them, the Master Series from was the first to do all the things I listed under “What a Sunshade Should Do”. It is the best of any I’ve tried. I use the Master Series MkII sunshade with my iPad Pro 9.7″ tablet. This sunshade is already assembled. You open the side door and slide the tablet in and a magnetic lock keeps the door locked in place. Next, you lift the lid and open the side panels and again, rare earth magnets keep the doors in place. You have access to all the controls and the tablet has lots of ventilation for those hot days. Finally, the Small Claw adaptor (see image below) along with the built-in rosette, quickly and easily attaches to the existing DJI Remote Controller mount and allows you to attach the tablet and sunshade securely without worrying it slipping. I have included some images of the sunshade below.

The video below shows how quickly the Master Series II Sunshade sets up for use.

Here are some photos of the sunshade from different angles.

Small Claw Adaptor


Finally, each one is assembled in the US by skilled craftsman in Alabama and comes with a 2-weeks satisfaction money back guarantee and then they continue to cover it for 6-months with our repair or replace warranty. Each Master Series Mobile comes with the Small Claw No-Slip Mounting Adaptor.

Fly Safe and Have Fun!

You can find the entire Master Series MKII Sunshade Line here.

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