Equipment wraps. I’ll admit they intrigued me for a couple of reasons. One, I was just packing a suitcase up for a long weekend trip and two, I tend to be pretty organized.

At first, when I received the Ruggard Padded Equipment Wraps I thought they seemed a bit small. My second thought was … I bet you could wrap a bottle of wine with the large one. 

Equipment Wrap specs

The Ruggard Equipment Wraps come in three sizes with the following features: 

  • Sizes: 11” x 11” (1.5 oz.), 15″ x 15″ (2.5 oz.), 19″ x 19″ (4 oz.)
  • Easily wrap, roll and fold around objects
  • Thick padding for maximum protection from impacts
  • Durable topstitching on all edges with large touch fasteners at each corner
  • Tough nylon fabric protects contents from moisture, dust and debris
  • Five available colors for easy coding and identification
  • Five-year limited warranty
Equipment wraps

Let the packing begin

The long weekend trip was to get away during the first few days our kitchen was being demolished. Also, after this past year and a half of canceled trips and no traveling we needed to get out, go somewhere, anywhere. My intention was to also do a little work while my husband was at the pool. 

I took my MacBook Pro which fit nicely in the Ruggard Lynx 45 SlingPack along with my camera and two lenses. Next, I grabbed my 4.25-by-3.25 inch external hard drive so I would have the images I needed for what I was working on available during the weekend. It fit perfectly into the small equipment wrap. 

Next, I put my husband’s Samsung tablet into the 15-by-15 inch equipment wrap. Room to spare but nice safe to toss into a bag or suitcase. The headphones I use are a little larger than your average earbud, just a little so I put them in the 19-by-19 inch wrap. Then, I added them to the clothes and everything else that was in my suitcase. 

Ruggard Equipment Wraps are a great option

These Ruggard Equipment Wraps are a great option if you don’t have cases for your smaller equipment, tablets, hard drives and more (you know, like wine bottles). I’m happy to have these as part of my packing process and I know they’ll get a lot of use.

Ruggard Padded Equipment Wraps

Wrap your lens or a compact device such as an external hard drive, power cord, or charger in these Padded Equipment Wraps from Ruggard. This padded nylon accessory conforms to a variety of shapes and gear ensuring additional protection for long or short distances. Water-resistant 420-D nylon provides a smooth surface on the interior of the wrap. A softer nylon exterior allows any one of the four oversized touch-fastening corners to firmly attach for an effective layer of protection when tucked in a bag or set aside for storage. Durable top stitching around the edges ensures staying power through repeated use.