Recently, Sweet Pix reached out and requested a review of their 8 x 8 photo boards. These photo boards can be ordered directly from an iPhone through the Sweet Pix app, which is available on iTunes.

After downloading the app, the process of creating the photo boards is fast and simple. The entire process took about 2 minutes and was completely painless. The toughest part was selecting images. I decided to go with the same photos I recently printed through Millers lab to compare the color quality.

The price point is set at $25 for 2, $45 for 4, or $65 for 6, which is a reasonable price point for a set of wall art foam mounts.

Shipping is guaranteed to take 7-14 days after printing is completed. The photo boards arrived just 13 days after the order was placed, so I was pleased with the time it took to receive them. SweetPix-3

After unboxing the images, I was able to get a good look at the quality, and overall, I liked what I saw. The photo boards are lightweight but good quality. The boards are waterproof, UV resistant, and the adhesive allows for the images to be repositioned multiple times. Since they are waterproof, they can be hung in bathrooms or outdoors, which is a unique feature.


The photo boards are 1/2 inch thick, and have very clean edges. They are exactly the dimensions promised and I saw no variation in size, which is a plus for detail oriented individuals.


The one thing I did notice was the photo boards were slightly cooler than originally edited. I had prints from Millers lab of two of the images, and when compared side by side, you can see there were slight adjustments applied. It is completely normal for printed products at a mass consumer level to be run through a processing software first, so I was not completely surprised. While I wish there was an option to turn off and processing or color correction, I don’t feel this is a deal breaker, especially if the images are for personal display, or are Instagram/iPhone images.

The prints above were printed through Millers lab. The photo boards are slightly cooler and the shadows have been lightened.
The prints on top were printed through Millers lab. The photo boards on the bottom are slightly cooler and the shadows have been lightened.

SweetPix-7I decided to try the photo boards on an empty section of wall near my front door.

All you have to do is apply the adhesive pads to the back, making sure the side with red lettering is what is applied to the wall.

Attach the provided adhesive squares to the back of the boards 1/2" in from the edges.
Attach the provided adhesive squares to the back of the boards 1/2″ in from the edges.


From opening the box, to having the finished product on the wall took me less than 10 minutes (3 of which were spent searching for my husband’s level.)

After all was said and done, I stepped back and liked what I saw. My plans for a collage of framed prints may have to go somewhere else, because I’m thinking this wall may need a few more rows of Sweet Pix photo boards.


Fast and easy ordering process.

Free shipping, regardless of order amount.

Easy to hang with provided adhesive pads.

Reasonably priced.

Cleaning is easy with a clean, dry cloth.

Adhesive pads hold well but do not damage the wall.

Removal and adjustment is incredibly simple, with just a slight twist.


Colors from the sample images ran slightly cool in comparison to color calibrated lab prints.

Additional adhesive pads would be nice, since they lose strength after a few moves/adjustments.

Not yet available for Android phones, although the app for those devices will be coming in the near future.

No option to refuse color correction.

In conclusion, I am pleased with the quick and painless ordering process, product quality, and ease of install.

Sweet Pix has been kind enough too provide our readers a 25% off discount code. Simply enter “NICCI25” during checkout to redeem this discount. For more information, visit the Sweet Pix Website.

Disclosure: The product for this review was provided to me free of charge. Image of my husband and I is 2016 Oeil Photography.