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Hanging a gigantic print
Mirrorless face-off: Sony a6400 vs. Sony a9
CrossFit: Returning to my roots
Bring out striking HDR details with single image portraits!
Five tips to edit badass sports portraits
What is CrossFit? The sport explained in 10 powerful photos
Flipping my photography challenges into opportunities
How I use the new Aurora HDR 2019 for NON-landscape photography
Evolving as a visual artist takes time, work and practice
Why Your “Lightweight” Gear Works for Heavy Weight Pictures
How to Step Up Your CrossFit Photography Game

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How to Step Up Your CrossFit Photography Game

Sports is an exciting yet intricate field of photography. CrossFit is perhaps one of the most exciting of all. I’ve been specializing in this amazing sport for over two years. I finally decided to gather my thoughts on the subject. Here

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Monetizing personal projects: The musician

The subject of monetizing personal projects is near and dear to my heart. I put together a ninety-minute presentation about the subject and shared it with my fellow photographers to a wonderful reception. A phone call leads to art In

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Astrophotography Mistakes Beginners Make - youtube

Astrophotography mistakes beginners usually make

There’s no question that astrophotography is one of the most interesting genres to get into. Photographing deep sky objects is especially exciting and rewarding, whether you’re a beginner or already years into it. However, to be able to make the

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Fun with a fisheye: The Sigma 15mm f/2.8

“Fisheye lenses are gimmicks.” Lots of photographers think so. Most have never used one, but I don’t travel without one. The 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens from Sigma is less than three inches in diameter and length. It weighs in at

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Free photoshoots: Why do I do them?

This image that you see right here — the cover one — is a photo I took with a triathlon athlete for her blog. Did I get money for that? No. Am I happy with that? Yes. Will I do

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