Photo by Mykii Liu

My buddy, Mykii Liu, did a review on the Retrospective 5 which was a fairly positive review. The bag seems stylish and trendy enough to fit the needs of the every day photographer. But what if we stepped it up a notch with the Retrospective 7? The 7 has an additional pocket in the back for a small Mac Book Air or an iPad which works perfectly for my needs.

So when I received the bag, my first question was simply personal. Is Retrospective 7 a man’s bag or can it fit into my highly superficial need to look/feel stylish?

ThinkTank’s Overview

“The shooters bag. The new Retrospective 7 fits a standard DSLR system and the rear pocket holds an iPad or 11 MacBook Air. Combining modern and classic design elements, this lightweight shoulder bag comes in two fabrics that each offer a unique look and feel. Ergonomically, this body-conforming bag is comfortable for walk-arounds and provides rapid access to gear. The discreet styling helps you keep a low-profile.

Subtle styling, generous capacity and comfort means the Retrospective series has quickly become one of the leading bag collections in the industry. Working pros to vacationers all will find the Retrospective 7 to be the most useful and functional bag for a days outing. Combining the broad appeal of the Retrospective design in a versatile new size, the Retrospective 7 is a bag for your everyday demands.”

Melissa’s Overview

When I opened this baby from the box, I have to admit, I loved the neutral color. Many would want to crack this baby open to see how the gear fits, but I had an overwhelming sense to try it on. Maybe it’s a girl thing. It seemed bigger than usual but I was used to a cheap folded bag that laid flatter to my side. But that particular bag didn’t necessarily keep my equipment safe. So once I looked in the mirror, it wasn’t as oversized as I thought it was. It was stable, solid and surprisingly inconspicuous. In other words, it didn’t scream “photography bag” which is a positive for travel.

Pockets, pockets, pockets…they’re everywhere! This thing was overwhelming with how many pockets there were for batteries, SD cards, lip gloss, makeup powder and food. That’s right, food. This girl gets hungry on shoots.

Photo by Mykii Liu
Photo by Mykii Liu

One of my favorite things was the “Sound Silencer” for the velcro fold. There is nothing more frustrating than hearing a wedding photographer shuffle around with velcro and loud gear during a lens swap or gear change.

Photo by Mykii Liu


I liked it. Quite a bit actually. It looks like it could come out of a J Crew catalog. My husband told me he wants it, which sophistically means that it could be a perfect accessory that works for anyone. Even though my husband usually doesn’t like my brightly oversized purses, this one he actually really liked and appreciated the organization and storage. Whether I’m renting my favorite Fuji XT-1 or have my larger Nikon DSLR, it works for both plus a couple of lenses and a flash system.

Bravo Think Tank. Bravo.