ON1 has announced that ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5, a free update to ON1 Photo RAW 2019, is coming mid-May. This powerful new version includes features to increase productivity, feature and performance enhancements, additional organizing benefits and new camera support.

New in version 2019.5 is Dual Mode, allowing you to easily undock the Browse module from the Edit module, use a second display or make presentations to a projector or TV. A full edit history is also being added when working on photos. Each editing step will be viewable, along with the ability to roll-back and compare adjustments.

Other updates include:

  • Settings Applied Info: Quickly view with modules, tools and filters are applied to a photo. Double-click on a setting and jump straight to it for further adjustments.
  • Selective Sync: Photographers can now drill down and apply specific adjustments of their choosing. The ability to sync cropping, retouching and brush strokes will also be added.
  • Hierarchical Keywords: Nested keywords are now supported. Importing a list of nested keywords from other apps like Adobe Lightroom will also be supported.
  • Apple Photos Extension Enhancements: Integration with Apple Photos now supports the full RAW data, improving adjustments to tone and color. It also supports re-editable non-destructive editing and more native ON1 Photo RAW features like layers, crop and text.
  • First Launch Experience: New walkthroughs when opening ON1 Photo RAW to help you learn the basics.
  • Tool Tips: Tool tip animations will be added to improve the usability and shorten the learning curve for each tool.

“The latest update gives us a significant boost in quality, performance, and an abundance of new features and enhancements. The ON1 community drove a lot of this via their contributions to the Photo RAW Project,” said Dan Harlacher, VP Product.

There are various other updates as well, including enhancements to layers and the text tool, performance improvements, high DPI support on Windows and more.