On first glance, the Vanguard Veo 2 235AB Tripod is what you’d expect — a lightweight, aluminum tripod. But once you get down to the details, it’s much more than that, providing a secure connection that can keep your camera stable even in the windiest of conditions.

Travel Tripod, & So Much More

I’d call the 235AB version of the Veo 2 a travel tripod(there are larger, heavier versions, like the 265AB), but it has some great features that will make this your primary tripod, too.

It has five leg sections, each available through a twist lock system. There’s also a center column that’s both removable. It can be positioned so you can take vertical photographs. The tripod weighs only 3.1 pounds and can be extended to 57.1 inches, or roughly 4.75 feet. Folded, it’s a mere 15.75 inches — perfect for a carryon on that next plane trip.

The legs can be positioned at three different angles, and have angled rubber feet to secure itself to what might be uneven or soft ground. It can hold up to 13.2 pounds.

I’ve used other aluminum tripods in the past, even similarly sized. But this is by far the lightest I’ve used, making it easy to carry around. For fun, it comes in three colors — blue, black and red — which changes a few of the accent colors, not of the tripod (which is a dark grey color).

The Veo 2 235AB comes with the BH-50 ball head, with features a small Arca Swiss style connector with three knobs for adjusting lock, panning, and friction.


The 235AB was super fast and easy to set up. In taking some architecture photographs, I twisted and locked all three legs in a matter of seconds. The center column, while thin, provides better-than-expected support.

The BH-50 ball head provided for a fast connection to my Lumix GH5 camera and held it securely even with a battery grip and wide-angle lens without issue.

In switching back and forth between horizontal and vertical shooting modes, I just loosened the grip on the ballhead, turned the connection vertically and went to work. The panning switch did get in the way a few times, but it’s easy to adjust around.

In shooting long exposures in very windy conditions, I was able to get up to a 15-second exposure without any noticeable camera movement.


The 235AB has quickly become my go-to tripod for almost any situation. With its fast setup and lightweight design, it’s a perfect solution whether you’re traveling or just walking around town. It’s great for mirrorless cameras and smaller DSLR setups. The Veo 2 235AB tripod retails for $139.00 and comes complete with a carrying bag.