I seek out tools that solve real problems well. That’s what I like about Spider Holster’s tools, including their hand straps. They identified a specific set of needs and crafted high-quality solutions.

I’ve been using their holsters to free my hands for over a decade. I tell everyone I know about how great they are — that’s why they eventually made me an ambassador for their tools (after I spent hundreds of dollars on them!).

Why do I need a hand strap?

If I had to choose one Spider Holster tool to keep forever and give up the others, I think I’d keep the hand strap. There are three reasons it’s my favorite accessory.


First, it offers a little security. It’s like a cockpit for your hand. It keeps the camera from skipping from your grasp, and it even pads your hand a little. Whether you’re on a crowded dance floor or leaning over the railing at a national park, you can be sure you won’t drop your camera with the hand strap in place.

Flexible form

Next, it’s not floppy. I’ve used floppy hand straps in the past, the kind that are a loop of webbing. They are either a lanyard or a floppy strap down the side of the camera’s grip. Either kind is a pain to put on and require two hands to get into. The SpiderPro has a firm core that keeps its shape and allows your hand to slide right in. It’s instant and feels secure.

S-P-I-D-E-R spells relief

Lastly, and most importantly, the SpiderPro Hand Strap relieves your hand of the camera’s weight. Without this strap, your fingers hold all the weight of the camera every time you pick it up. But the SpiderPro takes the weight off your fingers and puts on your arm, which is much stronger. That reduces the fatigue in your fingers and wrists over a long day shooting, but it also frees your fingers to work the camera’s controls.

Notice here that my camera is loosely held by fingers and my fingers are free to work the controls. This is a 70-200mm lens with an 82mm front element: It’s heavy! But it’s easier to manage with the SpiderPro.

This hand strap makes it easier to make pictures anytime because it makes it easier to carry your camera with you all the time. You walk with it almost dangling from your hand. Walking around with a fast 50mm has never been as much fun as when you’re wearing the SpiderPro.

Plus, it really makes you look like a pro, and it comes in a rainbow of colors.

What is the SpiderPro Hand Strap?

This hand strap has a core of flexible polymer that connects from the camera’s tripod mount to the neck strap connection point on the right. It’s then wrapped in colored leather and lined with memory foam cloaked in soft velour.

For extra security, there’s a leather wrist strap that snaps onto the outside and wraps around your wrist.

How do you install it?

Installation is straightforward. It comes with a bolt that goes into your tripod mount, or you can use a tripod plate or Spider Holster plate to hold it on. Two hardware options are included to connect it to your strap loop — just look at the picture instructions to see which style you need to use for your camera. Then loop the top strap in place and click it together like a baseball hat.

Tools (Allen wrenches) are included so you can install it easily anywhere.

How many colors are available?

You can get it in six different leather colors (black, red, navy, purple, teal or pink), or the non-leather Graphite version. i’m sporting them in navy on my Lumix S1’s for school spirit.

What gripes do I have?

As you can tell, I’m a fan of this accessory. I’ve used it daily on all my cameras since version 2 came out, and the version before as well. I only have one gripe.

I wish it was a little longer. The strap size is adjustable at the tripod mount, but I have pretty large hands so I have it maxed out. It fits fine on my Lumix G9, and it fits well on the full-frame Lumix S1, as well, which is probably the biggest camera I’ve ever used.

And that’s the problem. When I add the vertical grip to the S1, the strap becomes a little snug. It still works, but I’d like more room for my hand. My hands are big, but there are a lot of people with more mass on the palm and back of the hand that would not be able to use it. I just think it needs another half inch or so of length to accommodate bigger cameras. It’d probably be fine with something like a Canon 1Dx because the vertical grip is built-in, and thus a little smaller than adding a vertical grip.

Otherwise, I’ve got no complaints. You’ll have to get used to the strap having body/form and taking a little more space in your camera bag, but that’s just form following function so I don’t see it as a flaw.

$70?!? Is it gold plated?

No, it’s not gold plated, but it is leather-covered and velour-lined. Like other Spider Holster stuff, it’s well-made and made to last. I’ve seen many other products that mimic Spider’s tools, but I’ve also seen thousands of dollars of camera and lens hit the ground on knockoff products. $70 is a lot of money for an accessory, but I wouldn’t spend less on something this essential.

Maybe that means waiting for the holidays instead of buying it on a whim, but it’ll be worth it.

Is it for me?

Neck straps have been included with cameras for 100 years. In my opinion, the only thing they are good for is advertising the quality of your camera to thieves. They get in the way, they give you a crick in your neck, and they swing around and bang into stuff. I can’t wear one for even two minutes before I have to call the chiropractor.

  • If you’re sick of neck straps, this is for you.
  • If you use a sling strap (like Black Rapid) then the SpiderPro hand strap is also for you and will make your experience better.
  • If you use a Spider Holster (or, heaven forbid, a knock off) then this is definitely for you.

It gives you a secure hold of the camera as you take it off the holster, it’s easy to slide your hand into, and it relieves your fingers (possibly the smallest muscles on your body) from bearing the weight of thousands of dollars all on their own.

I own it, I use it all the time, and I can’t think of any situation where it’s not useful. Check out the SpiderPro Hand Strap right here, and save 20% through the month of August with the code PF20!