This is part 1 of a series on timelapse photography.

Time-lapse photography is the closest thing to how you shoot as a still photographer.  It’s essentially clicking a shutter and making a single image, over and over again…potentially thousands of times sequentially. One of the things I love about time-lapse video is how compelling the end product is. It’s just magical how you can see the passage of time. In order to do this, there’s lots of things to put together. Essentially, hundreds, if not thousands of stills that get assembled into a finished movie. The good news is, is that time lapse is easier than ever before, thanks to advances in software and camera technology.


  • By capturing images in a sequence, you can choose to record a scene at a much slower frame rate than with video.
  • You can also capture using other features of your camera like larger image size and even use raw images.
  • You’ll have to assemble the clips together and further process them to make a final movie.
  • But the end product can be both beautiful and elegant–as it condenses time.
  • Often used to see objects that are often too slow to see at real speed.

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