Rich Harrington and Scott Bourne answer listener questions.

Q&A Podcast Questions

1. From Jason via the Web

I have 16MP photos from a Fuji XT1 that I want to print 30” and that I will display in my home. Do I need to “up-res” them?

2. From Andy in Cle Elum, WA

I am deciding between a 16 and a 20mp camera. All other things being equal should I pick the one with the most megapixels?

3. From Michele in Rochester, MN

I want to build a photo studio. Should I paint the ceiling white, black, gray or a reflective color so I can manage the light?

4. From Justine via the Web

I like to shoot panoramic photographs using stitching methods you guys have suggested at Photofocus. I see some new cameras are coming out that have the ability to shoot panoramic images built in. Do these cameras do this as well as the stitching method?

5. From Hondo in Londonbury, CT

I have lots of camera gear. I struggle with how to store it when I am not using it. What do you guys do? Do you keep it in bags, boxes, closets, a safe, etc.?

6. From Chandra in Danbury, CT

This is for Scott. I noticed on Twitter that you posted a bird photo and someone asked you what camera and lens you used to make a photo. Do you think that the person asking that question believes that if they use the same camera and lens they can make that photo? Or do you think they want to know something else? I am puzzled.

7. From John in Sydney, Australia

This is for Rich. I have heard recently that people advise video shooters to capture video at a high frame rate and then slow it down to 24fps to “smooth” it out. Can you explain what that means and are there any super easy consumer level video editing programs that employ that function?

8. From Laurie in LA, CA

When making vacation or family photos is it better to use the camera’s built-in timed shutter release or to use an app on a phone you click in your pocket or otherwise hide from the camera?

9. From Molly in Trenton, NJ

Can you explain the advantages/disadvantages of using silver, v. white, v. gold reflectors?

10. From Roger in Pasadena, CA

My dad left me an old Sekonic handheld light meter. Is there any reason to hang on to gear like this? Is it needed or even useable in the digital age?

11. From Sophia in Franklin, TN

I want to start learning to edit photos on a computer. The only computer I have is six years old. How much computer do you need these days to take advantage of the best photo editing software?

12. From Jenny in Dallas, TX

I have been shooting for about two years and am starting to get pretty serious about photography. How long should I wait before starting to think about building a portfolio?

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