Welcome back to another episode of the Tamron Recipes podcast, brought to you by Tamron USA and SkipCohenUniversity.com.

Get ready to be inspired and grow your creativity by seeing what your fellow photographers are doing in the industry! In this show, Skip Cohen and I interview fellow photographers and discuss the elements that went into creating their favorite images. Just like your favorite cooking show featuring visually delicious dishes, the photographer is the chef. We enjoy bringing you the greatest imaging cuisines and recipes in the industry. Let’s get to the good stuff!

Given the pandemic and the resulting challenges in the photography industry, landscape photography is a great way to stay creative while effectively practicing social distancing. That’s what makes this episode of Tamron Recipes with Jamie Malcolm-Brown both fun and applicable! While his wedding and portrait business may be on hold due to the pandemic, his life as a landscape artist is thriving and flourishing.

Featuring images from both land and air, his photography is a testament to creativity and gives us a different perspective of the world. Using his Tamron’s 100-400mm f/4.5-6.3 lens, his portfolio demonstrates that even in a pandemic, you can still stay creative. Jamie shares a lot of great insight in this new episode.

To see more of Jamie’s work, check out his website.

Listen Here: Tamron Recipes with Jamie Malcolm-Brown