This is the PhotoFocus InFocus Interview Show FOR JAN 21ST, 2017. I’m your Host Rod Harlan.
We have an all new quick & condensed, all the stuff with none of the fluff format for 2017, so let’s get started.

On today’s show we have:

Peter Treadway & David Williams interviewed by Levi Sim
– Wedding and Travel Photography
– how competitive they are with each other
– their disagreement about the value of getting your name attached to some work
– and how hard it is to make money as a professional photographer along with some tips on how to succeed

Glenn Dewis interviewed by Chamira
– and what a pleasure it has been for me watching his career blown up in a massively successful way this decade,
– Glenn talks about putting in a effort to find your style,
– and to try copying other people’s work until you find your own style, among other great insights

Amanda Powell (a wedding & boudoir photographer) & businessman Dave Moser interviewed by Levi Sim
– where they discuss helping women look and feel their best…… in a very casual and fun interview

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