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Welcome to the Mind Your Own Business Podcast!


All images copyright Scott Bourne Photography
All images copyright Scott Bourne Photography

Today we chat with photographer, author, educator, Olympus visionary and President of Skylum, Scott Bourne about the following topics:


  • Staying cutting edge in your technique, as well as how you run your business
  • Fine-tuning your skillset
  • The importance of education
  • The impact your About Page can have
  • Personal and business growth, and how it occurs outside of your comfort zone
  • Re-evaluating your business processes
  • The role that listening to other’s opinions can have in how you run your photography business
  • How to find inspiration when you feel “clogged” or uninspired
  • Scott’s personal tips for being productive when time is limited
  • Scott’s top recommendation for learning how to sell
  • Which do you need first, a client or a camera? Scott answers this question
  • The benefits of getting involved in your community organizations
  • The one thing that never changes in marketing
  • Exciting upcoming news with Skylum
  • The importance of loving what you do, and how it drives your business forward


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You can find Scott at:

  • Cutting edge photography editing software
  • Check out Scott’s work
  • FB and Twitter @scottbourne
  • Instagram: @bourne.scott

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