Be sure to listen to this week’s podcast. We catch up with two photo gurus. First up Melissa Niu speaks with Frank Doorhof. Then Rich Harrington speaks with Gerard Murphy about the evolution of Lightroom and mobile libraries.

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Frank Doorhof

Amsterdam based photographer Frank Doorhof is well-known for his approach to lighting. His primary subjects include artists and high fashion. Frank also spends a lot of time leading workshops and sharing his wisdom through his blog.

Melissa and Frank discuss:

  • How did Frank get into photography?
  • Why he uses both Dutch and English to reach the world.
  • The importance of knowing your audience.
  • How he does portfolio reviews
  • How to standing out from other photographers
  • What he likes to shoot on and why
  • How he uses film and digital to get the job done.
  • Where can you find Frank?
  • Last bit of advice regarding gear and tools

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Gerard Murphy

Gerard has had a passion for photography since borrowing his Moms Pentax as a kid on family vacations. Later, Gerard turned this passion into Mosaic which he co-founded. He is also an avid Lightroom advocate and teacher of Lightroom tips and tricks.

Rich and Gerard discuss

  • Why are so many people wanting constant access to photos?
  • How growth of mobile technology is affecting this cloud based world
  • Tech talk on tools getting smarter and details getting smarter to find and locate photos
  • Gerard’s theory on why photography is 10 years behind music technology.
  • What’s going on with camera manufacturers?
  • Why is the iPhone so successful?
  • How to have a mobile or multi-user workflow
  • The Lightroom mobile app
  • How to protect your RAWs & back them up.
  • General trends with mobile devices and photography.
  • Multi-machine/device workflows

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