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Gerard Murphy

Colin Smith & Gerard Murphy | Photofocus Podcast 7/5/14
Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Gerard Murphy & Jonas Peterson | Photofocus Podcast 6/15/14
Mike Corrado & Gerard Murphy | Photofocus Podcast 4/15/14
Frank Doorhof & Gerard Murphy | Photofocus Podcast 1/25/14
Join us for the Exploring Photoshop Lightroom Google Hangout
No Toothpaste Needed! How To Whiten Teeth In Adobe Lightroom
Rescuing a Photo with Lightroom
Photofocus Podcast with Special Guest Gerard Murphy

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Frank Doorhof & Gerard Murphy | Photofocus Podcast 1/25/14

Be sure to listen to this week’s podcast. We catch up with two photo gurus. First up Melissa Niu speaks with Frank Doorhof. Then Rich Harrington speaks with Gerard Murphy about the evolution of Lightroom and mobile libraries. [soundcloud url=”″

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