Until recently, I never decorated my home with my own photos. I suffered from the “Which image should I print” syndrome. I spent so much time trying to decide which images will grace my walls that I would get frustrated and stick a pin in the project. That changed when the crew at Xpozer sent over two of my favorite images  — “The Aviator” and “The Fencing Prince.”

This solved my “Which image should I print” dilemma but created a new “Which image should I hang” dilemma!

Hanging dilemma solved

This was quickly solved when I noticed only one stretcher bar for hanging the prints. The team at Xpozer included two prints and one reusable stretcher bar. Their unique stretcher bar makes it easy to quickly swap out prints and the special printing material they used makes storing the print wrinkle and crease-free. If I decide I want to hang both prints, I can purchase an extra stretcher-bar.

Uses for swapping out prints

This got me thinking about the benefits of swapping out prints. Obviously the cost is reduced. Xpozer has a 4-pack deal  — one stretcher bar and four prints. These extra prints can come in handy if you own a photo studio. You could highlight a client’s photo then at the end of the month, swap it out. You could also surprise your client and give them the print and have them purchase a stretcher bar.

Swapping out prints is great if you have limited wall space or if you just want to change up wall art based on seasons.

Now that my “Which image should I print” syndrome and “Which image should I hang” dilemma are cured, I plan on ordering the 4-pack with an extra stretcher bar to hang a few of my other favorite images.

You can save on all Xpozer prints and frames!