I was recently given the opportunity to try out the print and framing system from Xpozer. Having done a bit of remodeling in our house, we needed artwork. This was the perfect opportunity to add a bit of subtle color to one of those rooms.

Everything you need

From the print to the mounting bracket and screw, it’s all inside the box when you receive it. It’s packed well and the mounting hardware is kept separate from your print.

Xpozer also helps you along the way if you need it. From making sure your print is going to print well, to walking you through the hanging process, it can all be found on their site.


Easy to set up

Unpacking is simple. No need for knives to cut open anything except the outside tape holding the box together. Your print is rolled with a protective layer of foam. Just remove the separator piece of cardboard to retrieve your mounting hardware and get started.

It is fairly intuitive but you’ll still want to read or watch instructions, just to make sure you’re getting the right pieces where they belong. Be careful with the print, as you would with any print, not to touch the surface or place it face down on the table without something covering it. It comes with a clear cellophane sheet that clings pretty well. Using that as you place it face down on the table will help keep anything from getting on your print.

The whole thing is very lightweight, even this 30-by-45 inch print is quite light.

Xpozer is something different

It’s nice to have options when hanging our prints and Xpozer offers something that is completely different from most of what you see these days. Whether you are presenting artwork in a coffee shop, at an art fair or in your own home, this allows you to change out your images quickly and easily. No more taking apart frames or buying new frames.

The Xpozer print offers a nice, clean and modern look. It worked perfectly in the space we had in mind in our own home. It comes in a single print or 4 Packs.

You can also join their Pro Membership plan as a professional photographer and you’ll get an exclusive discount to sell your work to your customers. For more specific details on the print itself and the process, please head over to Xpozer.