It wasn’t too long ago that Kevin shared his thoughts on the Xpozer print platform here on Photofocus. Today, I want to share mine.

First thought

First, and foremost, I have to say how cool it is to be able to replace the paper print of wall art, without having to replace the frame it’s mounted to. Sure, a framed print can work the same way. But the look of an Xpozer print is so different from a framed print because you do not see a frame or any hardware, for that matter. You only see a floating photo.

I might even go as far as to say that an Xpozer print is something photographers can upsell from a basic Standout print. Because it’s similar in look when mounted to the wall, but with a standout print you cannot replace the print itself.


Hanukkah is coming up, so this was the perfect chance to try Xpozer as a gift. I started the process with the extremely simple ordering system on the Xpozer website. Ordering was as easy as three simple steps.

First, you choose the print you want or the print and frame you want. Or, if you feel so inclined you can order a 4-pack of prints and swap them out anytime.

Then you upload your photo with a quick drag and drop or pull photos from sources, like Google Photos or Dropbox.

Then you checkout and wait for the order to process and ship.

Once your order is complete, you’re presented with a video talking more about the product, and also offering a last chance upsell to a 4-pack of prints.

It doesn’t end there.

You’ll then receive an email with additional instructions and information about the product, setup, etc.

The onboarding experience for a new customer is delightful, painless and definitely makes you feel cared about.

The Product

When the Xpozer arrived in the mail I was delighted by the triangle box which is far from the norm for a print delivery. Inside the package was separated into the rolled print and the hardware.

Assembling the hardware is extremely simple. It literally snaps together.

The print itself is a nice gloss and definitely high quality. It comes with a static film on the front to prevent scratches and fingerprints while you get everything assembled.

The print connects to the frame and then with some tension added it stretches to be nice a smooth.

The wall mount requires one screw (included) and the Xpozer frame sits perfectly in the wall mount.

Deeper look

In the video below you can follow along with the ordering process and see my reactions when putting the print together.

I’m impressed with how smooth the process was and how unique the product is. I cannot wait to hang this on the wall in my in-law’s house, and oddly excited for years from now when they ask me to swap out the print to freshen up the room.