WANDRD — maker or PRVKE backpacks — has announced a new Camera Cube line to better suit your camera gear. The new collection will replace the current small and medium Camera Cubes.

The cubes now come in two sets, both fitting the PRVKE 21L and 31L, with three different cubes — the Pro and Pro+ Cube, the Essential and Essential+ Cube, as well as the Mini and Mini+ Cube. Updates include 420D Robic Nylon with a TPU coating, Tubular stuffed wedding handle and Eva stuffed foam camera dividers, offering more protection for your gear.

“We’re excited for the possibilities that these new Camera Cubes bring to our already popular bags!” Ryan Cope, Co-Founder of WANDRD said. “Whether you’re an amateur photographer looking for your first photo bag, or a pro photographer with a robust setup, you can completely customize the amount of protection you need.”

The Pro cubes are designed to fit the entire internals of the PRVKE backpack, and holds larger lenses and camera setups.

Essential cubes are designed to fit in the bottom portion of the PRVKE backpack as well as the HEXAD Access Duffel. These are designed to fit a typical setup of one camera body and 2-4 lenses.

Finally, the Mini cubes are designed for the top portion of the PRVKE backpack, and hold a camera body or 2-3 lenses.

For more information on WANDRD products, visit wandrd.com.