I was recently sent the K&F Concept DSLR Camera Travel Backpack for Outdoor Photography and let me just say this — it is beautiful. I have never owned a “pretty” backpack if you will, because I always tend to go for something more practical and functional.

This backpack is designed to carry one camera, one lens, a tripod and a 14″ laptop. It also has space for USB cables which is amazing. I wish more camera bags had that feature. You also have space for your personal items in the top section.


The whole backpack itself is 11.42 x 6.69 x 18.90 inches, which is rather large but still fits comfortably on my back. The material is splash-proof and tear-resistant nylon material, making it sturdy and durable. That is a huge bonus for a mom like myself who at times throws her camera gear into a van full of children and sticky stuff.

The backpack has this quick body-side access, which is extremely convenient when out shooting. I also really love that my compact Oben CT-3451 Tripod fits so nicely right on the front, making it super easy and convenient to grab.  The other main feature that I love is that the backpack can also be used as a casual bag when taking the camera insert out. The whole top section of this camera can be used for clothes, headphones, your laptop or other personal items you might need.

One downside

The one downside for me particularly is even though they have these great thick, removable inner dividers that you can use to stabilize your gear, with my tiny mirrorless lens and camera body, I have to much room and not enough bulk around the gear. I personally think the dividers need to be a bit taller and the whole thing needs to be enclosed.

Imagine a child deciding to rummage through your things, who pulls out the insert causing your gear to fall on the ground. :( Hey, it could happen!

Being that my gear is tiny, it’s bound to bounce around and move in the backpack. Maybe adding straps or something to hold everything in place would help.


This bag is really pretty, and with it being splash-proof and tear-resistant you really can’t go wrong with it. The bag is $109.99 with free shipping worldwide.