It felt like early Christmas when I got my Lume Cube box delivery. The company guys sent multiple devices and accessories to try in order to see how I like them and for me to review. I’ve had one hands-on experience with these devices at the Photofocus Photowalk (at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City) but that’s it. I have yet to discover almost everything about it. To become more familiar I am actually unboxing the Lume Cube and its accessories as I am writing this article. I thought I might as well bring you with me along the way so we could discover it together. Ready? Let’s get into it!

What’s in the box

From left to right: the RYGB gels color pack, the CTO gels pack and the Honeycomb pack. They are all conveniently magnetic. In my hand: the 10 accessories stacked together. Yep, that’s all the room it will take in your bag.

There were quite a few packages in the box. It seems like I’ve been sent the Professional’s Pack. I also received a complementary DSLR camera mount that is not part of the Professional’s Pack. Here’s what was in the box:

  • Lume Cube LED Light
  • Light-House + 3 LEE Filter Diffusers
  • CTO Warming Gels (4 pack)
  • Diffusion Bulbs (4 pack)
  • RGBY Color Gels (4 pack of Red/Green/Blue/Yellow)
  • Honeycomb Gels (2 pack of 10º and 40º)
  • DSLR Camera Mount with Light-Stand Adapter (not included in the package)


Lume Cube is known to be the World’s Most Versatile Light. It is an LED Lighting built with professional quality specs. They not only offer the LED light but plenty of accessories to go with as well. They are encouraging creative lighting and easy solutions for photographers, videographers and vloggers.

The DSLR camera mount with a cold shoe and a ball head (on the left) is not part of the Professional Pack. The Light House, diffusion filters and diffusion bulb pack (middle and right) is part of the Pro Pack.

What makes Lume Cube different from other lighting systems?

I won’t lie, I am not a huge fan of strobes. This just doesn’t fit with my type of work and, to be completely honest, I hate bringing extra gear especially extra heavy gear with me. I’ve openly confessed it in this article. Well, great news for me, Lume Cube is offering a very cool alternative to traditional heavy weight lighting gear.

• It’s tiny

A Lume Cube is pocket-sized — 1.5 inches cubed. It’s lightweight and tough. it’s incredibly versatile and portable.

• It’s powerful

Lume Cubes are tiny but they are mighty. Each one has 1500 Lumen of LED daylight balanced light

• It offers constant lighting AND strobe (ish) capability

This is perfect for all kind of photography and videography. We have the choice or using one or the other, whenever we want.

• It’s waterproof

Lume Cubes can go underwater down to 100ft. That’s… pretty deep. There’s plenty of room to have some fun!

• It has a built-in rechargeable battery

A USB to micro USB cable, (supplied) is all we need to keep the power going. Plug it into a phone charger or any USB with power including laptops for 90 minutes and it’s good to go. No need to carry extra batteries anymore.

• It has wireless control with the Bluetooth app

Ahhh, technology. I am always amazed. I installed the Lume-X app on my iPhone (Android too) and now I am able to turn my Lume Cubes on and off as well as control the light level or sync an off-camera flash.

This USB cable fully charges in under 90 mins by plugging into the Lume Cube’s micro USB port (safely hidden beneath a waterproof screw).

A Lube Cube for everyone

As I mentioned earlier, the versatile Lume Cubes are perfect for photographers, videographers and vloggers. Drone, GoPro and cell phone users will be delighted (pun intended) with all the accessories offered to them as well. One thing I absolutely love about the Lume Cube is I can mount it either on my camera’s hot shoe or on a light stand. I can also hold it in my hands or simply put it on the floor, a chair or a table.

Lume Cubes are simple, easy to use, lightweight powerful, affordable additions to our camera bags. The bundle in this article is retailed at $239.90. Plenty of other options are available on B&H as well, starting from only $79.99.

Upcoming hands-on review

I have a creative photoshoot scheduled within a few days. On my next article, I’ll document my first experience with the device in use on a photoshoot and share my thoughts and pictures as well. Until next time!