I have the best two must-haves for you in the beauty world right now, and I am so excited to share them with you! Can I get a drumroll please?

Press-on nails

First up, we have press-on nails! Any other photographer out there that carries a collection of press-on nails in their bag? Or a better question for you, who’s been on set and all the sudden someone asks the model to bring her hands to her face and the girl’s nails look like she’s been playing dirt?

True statement, that has happened to me. I get that not every person that steps in front of my camera is going to be “model ready,” especially when they aren’t experienced models. They are the makeup artist’s friend who said we could use her face. Which is great and those people turn out to be some of my favorite people to photograph — but they might be the least prepared on set as well.

So why are press-on nails one of my favorite tricks to fix this? First, they come in a variety of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. Second, they are not permanent. You can easily change them during the shoot to match the look you are going for.

Lastly, my absolute favorite part about press-on nails is they are reusable and safe to use. They aren’t going to ruin your model’s nails. Your mind is blown — am I right?

Acne patches

The second must-have I have for you and that I recommend every beauty photographer have in their bag is what I like to call “the patch” — aka Acne Pimple Master Patches. They are incredibly well-priced for the amount of power they pack in their little punch, and you get a few packages in your purchase.

I love these things so much that I not only carry them in my camera bag, but I personally use them weekly, if not daily.

Now, what are these patches you ask? They are clear circles that come in a variety of sizes that you can put on your blemishes — day or night — to help extract the impurities/white head. Now I know that sounds a little gross but hey, everyone is human and everyone gets zits. These patches help camouflage them as well as heal them. It’s a two-in-one trick, get it? :)

I have had makeup artists use these on set while they are prepping the model or the model is waiting her turn, before makeup. I have had some suggest/or give the model some the night before to help minimize the blemish — or get this— I have even had a couple of makeup artists use them over the makeup. They are so transparent that the actual color of the model’s skin comes right through. Then in retouching, you do a little clone stamping and wah-lah, you’ll never know it was there. I haven’t had one person that uses them not love them and instantly ask where they can get some.


If you want to WOW your team and be so prepared that they don’t know what to do, run out and go buy you some press-on nails and acne patches. Once you do you’ll wonder where they have been your whole life. Then run back here to tell me thank you!

Just kidding. :) I would love to know if you have used them before. Comment below and share your experience.