Studio flags are similar to a 5-in-one round reflector with the except they are easier to mount to a c-stand. Here’s how to use the Flag’s built-in pin to attach to the knuckle of an extension arm which is attached to a c-stand.

Why use studio flags?

Studio flags–such as the Digital Juice Pro Flag Kit–are great for modifying light. You can use them to diffuse light, bounce light and even block light. Studio flags differ from a 5-in-one round reflector simply by how they attach to a c-stand. They come with a pin that slips into a knuckle that’s usually attached to an extension arm on a c-stand. This helps position the flag exactly where you need it.

Attaching to a C-Stand

There are many configurations for attaching Flags to C-stands. If you plan on using a Flag to bounce light back onto the subject, using an extension arm on a 45-degree angle keeps everything nice and tight. If you need to Flag or diffuse light, let the flag hang down in front of the light without the extension arm in the way.

A short video showing what a flag, extension arm and knuckle look like and how they are attached.

Gear List:

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