While I always remind myself that nothing beats a tripod… sometimes I find myself out and about without one. Sure, I’m a big fan of the Platypod Pro, but I don’t always have it with me.  In this case I just look for a flat surface.

You see even the slightest movement can create camera shake…  but I have an easy solution.

  1. Make sure your camera has a flat surface.  I usually do this by attaching an Arca Swiss style plate to the bottom.
  2. Find a flat surface.  It might be a garbage can, a railing, or a bench.
  3. Set the camera down on said surface.  If its remotely unstable, then apply a gentle force pressing down.


That’s it.  You’re now free to shoot with smaller apertures and longer exposures.  Why you ask?  Well the benefits are immense.

  • Use a smaller aperture to accentuate star burst effects with lights
  • Use a lower ISO to cut down on noise.
  • Use a slower shutter to capture motion blur or streaks.

In the image at the below, I used all three techniques  A simple way to get a great image.