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Timelapsing Car Streaks at Night

Timelapses are really cool ways to show time progression and I love to create one or two in every city I travel to. Over the summer, I had a short stay at the Westin Buckhead in Atlanta and shot a really cool timelapse of car streaks outside the hotel. It didn’t take long and was a lot of fun to produce.

Hate Shake? Then Find a Ledge

While I always remind myself that nothing beats a tripod… sometimes I find myself out and about without one. Sure, I’m a big fan of the Platypod Pro, but I

Speed, Speed it’s what you need

Before engaging the enemy it was a low light situation, once the rifles burst it was only then that I knew I had captured the shot. This is my first

Copyright 2014 Doug Daulton

There and Back Again, Iceland

Some months ago, my friend Geoffrey Orthwein told me he was working on a screenplay with Andrew Sullivan. They hoped to shoot it in the summer of 2014 and asked if I would be interested in producing the film. Of course, I said “Yes”

Get Low

One of the biggest “rules” out there in photography is to shoot level, shoot above, but never shoot someone from below. It’s unflattering, distorting, and people will hate the photo

Shooting Through a Glass Case

I was recently shooting in a museum that had a no tripod rule. It also seemed to have little budget for lights either as the display cases were pretty dark

Firework Photography Tips

Today is the Fourth of July. A day that traditionally means fireworks in the United States. While you may or may not celebrate this holiday, summer is a season filled

Long Exposures Without a Tripod

A fun technique when shooting water is to go for the long exposure. The water goes silky and becomes great to look at. For many, this type of shooting means

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