When I was in high school one of the classes I took was astronomy. It wasn’t my favorite subject, since I’m not a huge fan of studying math and science, but I was lucky to have a very insightful teacher.

One of the things that my teacher would tell us over and over was to do what we are passionate about. I was, and still am, very passionate about photography, so I found a way to integrate it into my projects in class. I may not have received perfect scores on the written exams, but I did find my way to an observatory and, with my trusty old Nikon F4, I managed to get a few really awesome shots (one of them is the image in this post). And guess what? I got an A.

So … find your passion, and live it. Integrate it into your job, your photography, and your family. When we are passionate about something we tend to excel and shine in

My challenge to you is to make your passion a daily part of your life and, trust me, you won’t regret it one bit.