In this article and video, I am going to talk about how to set up the camera on your DJI drone using the Go 4 app in Full Auto Mode. In future articles, I will show you how to setup and use Aperture Preferred Mode and Full Manual Mode. I will be using screenshots from my Inspire 2. Your screen may look a little different, but the basics are the same.


Do your initial setup inside. Be sure to remove the rotor blades from your drone before you begin.

  1. Start your remote, connect your tablet and start the Go 4 app
  2. Start your drone
  3. You should see a screen similar to the one below


Now watch the video for how to set up the camera for photography in complete auto mode.

Some things to explore.

In full auto mode, there are a few things you can change. The right wheel on the controller is both a button that lets you select things and a wheel for changing values.


When you push on the wheel like a button, you will see the selection change between ISO and EV.

Here it is on ISO:

Here it is on EV:


Once you have selected ISO or EV, then slowly move the wheel and you will see the values change.

To get you started, you will want to keep the ISO value low. This will produce a better-quality image. As you change the ISO value you will see Shutter, F, and EV change as well. Now push the wheel like a button, and this will move you to EV.

Rotate the wheel and you will see Shutter and F change values, but ISO will not change. So here are some basics to play with.

  • Keep ISO low for better quality images
  • Keep your Shutter at 30 or higher to avoid blur in your images. Play with this and see what happens.
  • Keep your F below 5.6 if possible to get the sharpest image
  • Explore EV settings. If they are too high your images will be too bright. If they are too low, your images will be too dark.

Oh, yes. Be sure to have your focus set to AF (see image below). Just tap on the AF/MF square on the screen and it will switch between autofocus and manual focus. You want AF or autofocus highlighted.

and then touch the screen where you want the camera to focus. You will hear a beep when it adjusts focus to that new point on the screen. And you are ready to go. Take that photo and try some others!

Next time I’ll show you how to use Aperture Preferred Mode.

Fly safe and have fun!

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