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In this 2 part article, we’re going to explore creating a 3 image HDR merge in Aurora HDR 2019. I’m using RAW photographs from my Inspire 2 X5S camera shot in DNG RAW shooting AEB (auto exposure bracketing) mode taking 3 photographs. One challenge in shooting multiple exposures with a drone is that there can be a slight change of position between the photographs, even at faster shutter speeds because of GPS drift, wind, and other variables. Because of this, I will use a high ghost removal setting when Aurora HDR 2019 processes and combines the 3 photographs into a single HDR image. Another challenge with the DJI DNG RAW is that it can take a lot more work to create a good looking photograph from it. Let’s see how Aurora HDR 2019 does!

Full disclosure: I received a copy of Aurora HDR 2019 for review purposes. As always, I am giving you my honest evaluation and experience of the software.

You’ll find Aurora HDR 2019 at a special price along with a bundle of training videos, Looks, and LUTs designed for Photofocus readers, here.

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Before and after


Aurora HDR 2019 did an outstanding job in combining and processing the 3 DJI DNG RAW file. Please see part 2 of this article for my final thoughts.

Again, here’s a link for the special Photofocus readers’ bundle that’s free when you purchase Aurora HDR 2019.