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DJI Air 2S brings obstacle sensors, 20-megapixel photos and 5.4K video
Aerial photos reveal the abstract beauty of Spanish farmlands
Lodi Hensen: Views only a bird has seen
Have boots and bag will travel: The OneMo backpack
Webinar: Get certified to be a drone pilot, with Luisa Winters
FAA proposes rule for remote identification of drones
Recreational drone flyers will soon be required to pass an online knowledge test
Skydio 2: Why this drone is important
Weapons and drones don’t mix
Using KittyHawk for LAANC authorization, step-by-step for recreational drone users
FAA forces recreational drone flyers to use LAANC authorization
Lume Cube debuts STROBE anti-collision drone light

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Skydio-2---why-it's-an-important-drone_1-featured image V4

Skydio 2: Why this drone is important

As most of you know, DJI pretty much dominates the drone market. Forbes stated earlier this year that “DJI has soared to take two-thirds of the drone market globally.” If the Skydio 2 is really capable of what they claim,

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FAA-Weapons and drones don't mix

Weapons and drones don’t mix

Have you seen videos and photos on YouTube and other places where they are showing some sort of flame thrower, or fireworks or other device attached to a drone? Well it’s important to know that Section 363 of the 2018

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Lume Cube debuts STROBE anti-collision drone light

Lume Cube has announced the STROBE — the world’s first consumer-friendly anti-collision drone light. Designed to be lightweight and powerful as possible to satisfy FAA guidelines for anti-collision lighting, the STROBE is compatible with every drone on the market today.

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Light painting with your drone

You may remember the fun I had when taking my Lume Cubes out with Jamie MacDonald, and seeing if we could use them with his drone to paint halos over a barn. While the experiment was mildly successful, Lume Cube

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Autel Evo drone - a first look

First look: Autel Evo drone

The Autel Evo was originally released in June 2018, and has gone through various updates and improvements since that time. This article will be looking at it in its current state running firmware version 1.3.46 and is the first in

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flamingo feathers

Seeing differently at the zoo

Zoos are a great place to practice photographing animals. The thing is, we all have great images of the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my). But what about finding the less popular or, even better, the less seen shots? Capturing

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Help! My Lightroom cloud storage is full

Last year I started using Lightroom on my mobile phone. As a longtime Lightroom Classic enthusiast, I started using Lightroom for the portability: I love being able to edit photos on my phone or tablet, without needing to be at

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The importance of looking up

Being a part of a local photowalk group, I often experiment with different techniques during our outings. One of our group leaders, Dianne Carroll Burdick, has long taught the importance of looking up and taking advantage of different perspectives. Looking

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How to get started with beauty photography

If your goal is to shoot beauty portraits, you must understand that not only does the model want to feel flawless, but the hair and makeup artists want their work to look beautiful in the final image as well. You

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One subject exploration

There is something to be said for taking the time to really explore a subject. Whether it’s a person for a portrait shoot, flowers for macro photography or one of your favorite architectural structures. It could even be something as

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Monetizing personal projects: The musician

The subject of monetizing personal projects is near and dear to my heart. I put together a ninety-minute presentation about the subject and shared it with my fellow photographers to a wonderful reception. A phone call leads to art In

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