If you have been considering the switch from DSLR to mirrorless then listen up.

Heck, watch this video.

You see, it’s a myth that switching to mirrorless with save you enough weight to make a huge difference. Unless, of course, you are switching from a full-frame DSLR to a cropped sensor or micro four-thirds mirrorless camera.

Sure, if you went from a Canon 5D to an Olympus mirrorless, you’re going to save a ton of weight. But it’s not really an exact swap. In a way, it’s downgrading due to the sensor change, and glass change.

But if you went from a Canon 5D to a Canon RF are you really saving weight? Once you add the equivalent RF lenses, your weight only reduces a little. The same goes for switching from a Nikon D850 to a Nikon Z camera.

So why switch?

It all comes down to the EVF, eye focus and all the amazing benefits you get from a mirrorless camera over a DSLR.

That’s the win here. Way more than the slight weight savings.