Before picking up the Nikon Z6, I had some doubts about the new Z system Nikon created.

First and foremost is the elephant so obviously in the room. The single card slot that only accepts an XQD card, and soon a CFexpress card. Fortunately, CFexpress will make memory cards less expensive for the Z system.

The new camera bodies also have a new lens mount to go with it. Which means you cannot use Nikon’s classic lens collection on the new bodies natively. Sure, they’ll work. But you have to use the Nikon FTZ adapter. That converts the F mount to the Z mount. What I do not like about the FTZ adapter are two things. First, it’s bulky, but I get why. Second, the tripod foot cannot be removed. That gets in the way at times. When using a small lens, the foot isn’t needed, so Nikon should have made that removable. With that said, it’s amazing how well F mount lenses work on the Z bodies. Autofocus is reliable, and you get the added benefit of the in-body vibration reduction even when the F mount lenses don’t have VR in them.

I thought I would start with those two pieces of complaints I have because the rest of the experience has been fantastic.

I went with the Nikon Z6 over the Z7 mainly because I am using the camera for video, and do not need it for the megapixels. I need it more for the ISO and 4K capabilities.

So let’s move on to the good stuff…

The Nikon Z6 is compact, with its beautiful image and video quality. I can get well over 1,000 photos on one battery. Which by the way, I almost forgot to mention. I can use the batteries from the Nikon D700, D800, D810 and D850 inside the Z6. No need for buying new batteries.

The grip is big enough for most hands, and the buttons are placed perfectly like most Nikon bodies. It’s familiar and friendly to those who have enjoyed Nikon cameras over the years.

I’ve been using the Z6 lately for family photos, street photos and pretty much all of my videos for YouTube. The EVF is something I wish I had for years. It’s sharp, bright, and vibrant. It’s so great I’m considering replacing my Nikon D850 with a future Z7 to go completely mirrorless.

As you can tell, despite my hesitations and complaints from earlier, the Z6 has met my expectations as a Nikon camera, and I am happy I decided to start moving to mirrorless but remaining in the Nikon universe.