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children portraits

Photographer of the Day: Vittorio Vida

Category: Children Photograph: “Different Interests” by Vittorio Vida Beautifully timed capture by Vittorio Vida. We see a child in a crowd looking in the opposite direction as everyone else. Instantly we wonder what

Photographer of the Day: SuperT76

Category: Children Photograph: “A child plays under the Christmas Tree” by SuperT76 Beautiful use of ambient light mixed with fill flash. SuperT76 captured the child’s excitement and the fact it’s under

Photographer of the Day: Joe Bodnar

Category: Children Photograph: “Water+Dirt= This” by Joe Bodnar Kids love to play in the dirt! Add a little water and you have a smiling kid inviting you into his world. Originally

Photographer of the Day: Gary Radler

Category: Children Photograph: “Toddler girl pouring water out of her boot” by Gary Radler As adults, we know boots are supposed to keep water out, not store it. The fact a

Photographer of the Day: Darcy

Category: Children Photograph: “Advanced Potty Training” by Darcy A great example of adding an element –the magazine– to an image that creates a unique story. This is an adorable capture, one the

Photographer of the Day: Tomas Salinka

Category: Children Photograph: “Best friends” by Tomas Salinka The park location was a good choice for the shot. It sets the mood, telling a story of a little girl having a

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