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Use the Keep It Simple Approach to Studio Lighting

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Studio lighting set-ups don’t get much simpler or easier than this as illustrated in the picture on the left: a constant-light main light (right), a reflector (left) and a collapsible background. The hair light on the top left was turned off for the photos on the right.

This type of simple set-up can help you produce some beautiful portraits anywhere . . . including in a hotel meeting room, which is where I took these pictures during a Westcott ( lighting event.

The top photograph shows the effect of using the main light and the reflector. As you can see, the reflector bounced some of the light from the main light onto the opposite side of the models face. Its an okay shot, one that shows the distinctive features of the model.

The bottom shot, however, is my favorite from the session. It shows the effect of using only the main light (the reflector was moved out of position). I like the way the deep shadow on the models face adds a sense of drama to the image. I also like the way the model is making direct eye contact with my lens.

Speaking of the KIS technique, I used my Canon G10 set on the Av mode to take all these shots. Now thats simple shooting.

Let us know if you want more on-location lighting tips. Were here to help.