To add more excitement to Photoshop World, Photofocus hosted an after hours party at the nostalgic Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. Lots of our friends came out to play. During the festivities, the Photofocus team set up photo stations to capture the excitement of the event. Since it was my buddy Erik Valinds birthday, I wanted to stage a little scene. I surrounded Erik with beautiful girls trying to distract him from his game. To top it off, Fashion Photographer and good friend Lindsay Adler gave him a little kiss. The stage was set as we snapped away a few shots. I added a quick filter in Lightroom and we were good to go.

After looking at the ADLER KISS shot, I wanted to see how it would look if I shot it straight on and not a Dutch angle. Plus, I used a wide angle lens causing Alex, the girl on the right of the photograph, to look distorted. Using Lightrooms Auto Lens Correction tool, I had a quick fix.

The only problem, I was left with white areas of the image. I cropped the best I could without cutting off too much of the image but I was still left with a corner patch I needed to fix in Photoshop.

Once inside Photoshop, I used the rectangle marquee tool to select the left corner of the image. I copied the selection to a new layer by pressing keyboard shortcut CTRL + J [PC], COMMAND + J [MAC].

With the new selection on a layer, I used the the move tool to position the selection in place. I added a layer mask and using a soft edge brush, I carefully painted around Alexs hair.

As you can see, this was a quick fix in Photoshop. Now imagine if I need to do this for ALL of the images, Although easy, this would become very tedious and time consuming. A solution would be either to accept it or don’t take a chance when shooting, shoot a little wide. In my case, I liked the Dutch look for most of the images. Fixing one or two was acceptable for me.