Sometimes the best place to shoot isn’t always the studio. Knowing some fantastic locations to shoot can put a photo shoot over the edge into the realm of  “greatness (“coolness” or “awesomeness” can also describe it too, if you fancy). So now you know your spot, it’s time to lug all your lighting gear into the car and haul it to the location, right? Or you can just use the natural light available. Watch as the multi-talented Denice Duff shows how to work inside with natural light.

First pro tip? Look for frosted glass. Some buildings might have beautiful interiors that provide for excellent backgrounds. Add natural light coming through frosted glass (which softens and cools it a little)? Even better

Now let’s say you’ve found that great spot, but the background looks a little cluttered or might detract from the shot. This might be a good time to have your subject crouch down a bit or try to shoot them from a higher angle. The background might be distracting, but that beautiful, professional flooring might just do the trick.

Now, let’s say you’re in the park, and the sun’s a little too sunny that day. East fix. Find a tree, and have your subject on the side farthest from the sun (with the tree blocking). Have them lean into or away from light as you see fit. A don’t worry, tricks like this work for indoors too. If there’s a column or support nearby, that’ll do it too.

Stay tuned for more videos from Denice and check out her  work here