Photographer: Sven Conquest – Prag, Juli 81

Is it Monday already? Thanks for starting your week off by checking out our featured Portrait Photographer! Today we are sharing Sven Conquest, an extremely talented portrait photographer from Berlin. I think this shot is a beautiful ode to the 80’s. The noise is great and I love the texture in the curtains. It’s truly a powerful shot and the monochromatic look makes it even stronger. Well done, Sven!

Perhaps the coolest thing about this shot is that it was taken on film in the 1980s and scanned in to be contributed to the Photofocus Flickr group. I am so impressed! This image was originally developed using ORWO NP 27 film. Someone commented on this photo with the classic Ansel Adams quote, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it” and that is exactly what Sven’s work demonstrates! Check out his photostream here to see more of these incredible black and white analog photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

From all of us at Washington DC Headshots and Shark Pixel, we hope you have a fantastic week!!

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