I recently published an article showing some of my top 20 Photoshop keyboard shortcuts. In this post I would like to complement it by sharing my favorite Lightroom shortcuts! One of the best things about Lightroom is the ability to zip around quickly to organize and process photographs, and using keyboard keyboard shortcuts makes even easier to simplify your workflow.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my top 20 Lightroom keyboard shortcuts:

  1. D = Develop Module
  2. E = Library Module (single image view)
  3. G = Library Module (grid view)
  4. R = Crop tool
  5. O = Cycles through crop overlays (while in the Crop tool)
  6. B = Add image to targeted collection (default is “Quick Collection”)
  7. Tab key = Hide left and right panels
  8. N = Survey Mode
  9. Press Opt (PC: Alt) key when moving sliders = Allows you to view clipping and masking for some of the tone adjustment sliders (Click here to read more about this over on the Mosaic blog)
  10. SHIFT + F = Cycles through view modes
  11. F = View image full-screen (eliminates distractions, great for quick presentations of images)
  12. Cmd (PC: Ctrl) + E = Edits in Photoshop
  13. P = Flags photo (P is for “pick”!)
  14. X = Rejects photo
  15. Numbers 1 through 5 = Adds star rating to a photo (1 through 5, respectively)
  16. V = Quick convert to B&W (great to see if it would look good as a B&W, just toggle the V key)
  17. T = Toggles Toolbar on and off
  18. \ = Toggles Library filtering
  19. Cmd (PC: Ctrl) + D = Deselects photos
  20. Opt (PC: Alt) + Click on drop-down arrow in side panel = Toggles “solo mode” for panels

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