Cropping tricks in Lightroom Classic

One of my most used tools in Lightroom Classic has to be the cropping tool. While simple at its core, it can have a substantial effect to your photographs. And

Straighten a Photo in Photoshop

If your photos are crooked, they can look very distracting  If a photo is not straight (because it was shot at a slight angle), it is easy to fix. Here’s

Lightroom Update: It’s A Big One!

Adobe has released updates for Lightroom. Versions 6.6 and 2015.6 are now available. Open Lightroom, go to the Help Menu at the top, and choose “Updates…” to initiate your download.

Crooked Shot? Get it Level

One of my pet peeves are crooked photos.  You know the kind… where the image seems to be leaning to the left and right.  Sure, maybe that’s by design… but